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  • Have boundaries that let people in while keeping yourself safe

  • Overcome self-sabotage

  • Treat yourself with kindness instead of blame

  • Know exactly what behaviors make a person trustworthy

  • Avoid being vulnerable to the wrong people

  • Have a clear mind and calm body - in place of tension and threat responses

  • Know when and how to talk to people about your finances

  • Choose what to believe instead of trauma choosing for you

  • Have safe connections and regain intimacy

  • Say NO to toxic relationships


They have been helping people recover from relationship abuse for decades. Add up all the years of experience from our speakers list, and there are 100+ years of tried and tested skills you’ll be learning from. Over 10 decades of collective experience from…

Experts in narcissistic abuse, financial abuse, emotional neglect, sexual trauma, and many more - ready to teach you at no cost by registering here.


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